Social Democrats councillor Gary Gannon has expressed grave concern about the heavy-handed tactics used in an eviction of homeless protestors in Dublin by masked private security men which was overseen by gardaí also wearing balaclavas.

Councillor Gannon said:

“The use of masked private security men at last night’s eviction of peaceful protestors occupying a vacant property on North Frederick Street in Dublin was very disturbing.

“These individuals did not appear to have any identification badges, which is a breach of the law. It is also reported that they were driving a Northern registered van which did not have a number plate on the front and had no tax or insurance.

“This eviction was apparently coordinated with our police force and overseen by masked gardaí. While we must respect the recent High Court order in relation to the property, sending in masked and unidentified private security contractors to carry out an eviction of this nature is inappropriate and intimidatory.

“The use of such heavy-handed tactics to disperse peaceful demonstrators is completely disproportionate. How can the new Garda Commissioner Drew Harris justify the deployment of his officers at this type of operation, and what actions if any did they take in relation to the legality of the private security contractors and the vehicle they used?”


12 September 2018