The co-leaders of the Social Democrats welcomed the calling of the General Election saying this election is a chance for people to change the direction Ireland is going in and called on people who hope for better to vote for better.

Róisín Shortall TD said
“It’s long past the time that this Government put their record before the people – abject failure in housing, crisis in healthcare, dreadful waste in large scale infrastructure projects, accelerating costs of living, the failure to invest in quality public service for everyone and a failure to properly address the climate crisis – all impacting hugely on the day-to-day quality of life for people all across Ireland.

“The government have used the excuse of Brexit to mask their failures in so many other areas. Now people get to have their say on Fine Gael’s record and to choose what happens next for people in this country.”

Catherine Murphy TD said
“This election will decide the fate of Ireland for a generation to come. We are excited with the opportunity we have as social democrats to support families across Ireland, to ensure a much better work/life balance, and to fundamentally reshape the conversation about the type of Ireland people want to live in with the kind of politics they can trust.

“So many people hope for better, and now is the opportunity to vote for better.”

The party’s co-leaders Catherine Murphy and Róisín Shortall said that people constantly ask, ‘is this really as good as things get?’. They said those who commute through chaotic transport systems, who drop children to childcare facilities which cost an exorbitant amount of their monthly income, those with health concerns, and those trapped in a cycle of long-term renting or living in the family home and are locked out of the prospect of home ownership, all rightly feel that the current system has completely left them behind.

The party is fielding 20 candidates across the country, who bring a wealth of expertise from different professional fields to the political table where they believe that a common-sense approach combined with a bedrock of integrity and openness can deliver a social democratic approach to politics which prioritises actions and delivery rather than the tired empty promises of old-style politics. At the core of social democracy is putting people first. Not vested interests, not golden circles, but the common good.

GE2020 is, according the Social Democrats, an exciting opportunity for people who hope for a better Ireland to vote for a better Ireland, by voting for their Social Democrats candidate.

14th January 2020

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