The Social Democrats have selected Aengus Ó Maoláin to contest the next general election in Dublin West for the party.

Party members met in the Bell in Blanchardstown on Monday the 9th of April where Ó Maoláin was chosen unanimously to represent the party.

Speaking at the convention Ó Maoláin said, “the Social Democrats speak for everyone who is fed up of being lied to and let down by politicians and politics. What we are offering is an ambitious and exciting opportunity to bring about real, meaningful change to Irish politics and society. ”

“I am honoured, and humbled by this chance to represent that vision to people in Dublin West.”

“I want Dublin 15 to be the best place to grow up, to do business, to raise children and to prosper that it can be, and to help our community grow together. We deserve to have high expectations from our leaders, and public services that truly serve the public. To do that we need trustworthy, honest, and accountable politicians, and we are a long way from having that today.”

“I believe the Social Democrats have the long-term vision of fairness, honesty and transparency to make Ireland a country we can be truly proud of for the next generation, not just for the next general election.”

Ó Maoláin is the fifteenth candidate selected so far by the party which intends to contest a majority of constitutencies in the next election.

Catherine Murphy TD, co-leader of the Social Democrats said, “We are delighted that Aengus has been selected to contest the next election for the Social Democrats. He is dedicated to his community and already has an impressive track record speaking up for the sort of future of equality, fairness and honesty that Irish politics so badly needs.”

Róisín Shortall TD, co-leader of the Social Democrats said, “Aengus comes with a real passion and vision for a fairer Ireland and a deep commitment to Dublin 15. I have no doubt he is an excellent addition to our team of candidates across the country.”


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