The Social Democrats have selected a candidate for the European Elections in Ireland South – the first time the party will contest an election in that constituency.

At a selection convention today, April 10, Cork-based solicitor Susan Doyle was selected by the party as their candidate.

Speaking after her selection this evening, Susan said:

“I am extremely excited to be standing as the Social Democrats’ European candidate in Ireland South in June.

“I have worked as a solicitor for more than a decade and opened my own legal practice in 2019, which focuses on housing, disability, immigration and discrimination. I have spent my career fighting for better services and resources for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

“I love my work and would now like to bring my expertise to the European Parliament, where I will continue to fight every day to drive positive change at EU level.

“On issues like disability, climate action, migrant rights and housing, the EU could be an incredible force for good. Sadly, that potential is not being realised because we do not have enough strong social democratic voices at the decision-making table.

“If elected as an MEP, I will work tirelessly for the people of Ireland South; stand up to vested interests; defend the rights of vulnerable members of our community; and use every lever in my power to represent the interests of the people of Ireland South.

“Ireland, and the EU, desperately need change. This election is the chance to deliver it.”

Congratulating Susan on her selection, Social Democrats leader Holly Cairns said:

“I am delighted to have Susan running in the European elections as the Social Democrats’ candidate for Ireland South.

“What happens in Strasbourg or Brussels can feel very far removed from Ireland. However, the decisions made in Europe shape our daily lives – housing, childcare, public transport, agriculture, disability rights and immigration are all impacted by the laws passed in the European Parliament.

“We have seen how beneficial Europe can be for Ireland, and we have seen what happens when the wrong decisions are made. It is essential that we elect MEPs who will advocate for the needs of Ireland South and ensure that Europe is working to change Ireland for the better.

“Susan’s legal expertise, and her deep understanding of the issues facing us in Ireland South, would make her a strong voice for our communities in Europe.”

April 10, 2024

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