Social Democrats Councillors will vote against the proposals for the Lawrence Lands site on Oscar Traynor Road at the Dublin City Council meeting tonight.

Cllr Patricia Roe of Artane-Whitehall, where the site is located, said:

“It is our view that the proposed deal between the Council and property developer Glenveagh is not a good use of public land and is really poor value for money. Social Democrats Councillors have a number of serious concerns about it.”

“This is publicly owned land which, in our view, should be used to meet housing need appropriately. Current proposals may line developers’ pockets, but they will not provide the type of housing which is so badly in need in Dublin. We are deeply concerned about the real risk that manyif not all, of the private units proposed could end up in the hands of large investors or “Cuckoo funds.”  The cost of the “affordable” homes and a whole host of other issues mean that we cannot support this proposal. “

Councillor Catherine Stocker, Social Democrats group leader on Dublin City Council, said:

“We will have little control over its future once this land is sold. The Developer could return with altered proposals, designed to extract maximum profit. Rejection of these proposals will open up new possibilities, and we look forward to making the case for the best possible use of public land.

“We are calling on the Council to scrap this plan for the Oscar Traynor site and work closely with the Department of Housing, local Councillors and communities to come up with a plan for the site which prioritises homes that are really affordable. “

16th November 2020

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