Social Democrats Co-Leader Róisín Shortall has reacted angrily to news today that Government have signed-off on a 1% across the board cut to key disability groups and services. She said the impacted organisations had been informed about the cut to their already overstretched budgets at the same time the government were clapping themselves on the back during a special cabinet meeting on disabilities last week headed up by the Minister for Disability and Minister for Health.

“Disability organisations and groups are already running serious deficits due to a programme of consistent underfunding and the significant cuts to section 39 organisations over the last number of years. These organisations provide vital services to struggling families and individuals and play a huge role in trying to make life better for people.

“This 1% cut represents a cut of €20 million and will create a massive shortfall in the annual budgets of organisations. The HSE proposed this cut as part of the overall service plan and the Government willingly signed off on it. Ironically the organisations impacted were informed about the cut last week around the same time they were grandstanding in Marino hosting a special cabinet meeting on the issue of disabilities. The hypocrisy is staggering.”

16th Jan 2020

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