Jennifer Whitmore TD

Questions must be asked about the extent of the price gouging in Ireland

The Taoiseach must clarify if he met with energy companies and asked them to reduce prices for consumers, according to Social Democrats Energy Spokesperson Jennifer Whitmore.

“In February, I urged the Taoiseach to deliver on his promise to meet with energy companies and demand they reduce their prices. In response, he said he intended to engage directly with these companies.

“The Taoiseach must now clarify if he did that. Irish electricity prices are the most expensive in the EU – nearly twice as expensive as the EU average. Gas prices are also among the most expensive in the region.

“Wholesale energy prices are now lower than they were before Russia invaded Ukraine – but households have yet to see any reductions in their bills. We don’t even have any clarity about when these reductions in prices are likely to happen.

“Questions must be asked about the extent of the price gouging in Ireland. There is currently no role for the CRU in price regulation. Given the failure of energy companies to reduce prices, this lack of independent oversight must be reviewed.

“Recently, Fine Gael circulated a petition, for the public to sign, in which the party called on energy companies to reduce their prices. Is this the best one of the main coalition partners can do – a petition?

“Leo Varadkar promised to directly engage with energy companies on their extortionate prices. Two questions arise. Did that ever happen? If not, why not?”


25 April, 2023

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