Social Democrats spokesperson for Education, Gary Gannon TD, believes that the Government should use this opportunity to bring about permanent reform of the Leaving Certificate instead of concentrating on sending exam students back to school next week.

Speaking after today’s Government’s decision to allow Leaving Cert students to return to school for three days a week, Deputy Gannon said:

“The Leaving Certificate is important – but we should not be sending tens of thousands of students back to school at any cost. For instance, I have concerns about the possible impact this will have on the ability of teachers to provide remote learning for students in other year groups.

“With so much emphasis on the Leaving Cert, there appears to be a lack of focus on catering for special education needs. Proceeding with the State exams should not be to the detriment of students with special needs.

“It is equally important that we provide a learning space for the children of frontline and emergency workers.

“The Minister and Government seem to have a fixation with the Leaving Certificate, as if it’s the most important thing that can happen within our education system.

“We should be using the space created by the Covid-19 crisis to look at permanently reforming the Leaving Certificate so it is more fit for purpose.”

January 6, 2021

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