A transparent test and trace strategy is crucial to Ireland’s fight against Covid-19, according to Róisín Shortall TD and co-leader of the Social Democrats. During today’s Dáil sitting, she criticised the Government’s delays in reaching the testing target of 100,000 per week and its failure to adequately explain the reasons for the delays in the strategy.

She said, “It has proven exceptionally difficult to get clear answers about the reasons for the delays in achieving the original test and trace strategy, either from Government or the health authorities. We’ve had to ask questions three, four, five times to get anywhere close to a reasonable answer. This has especially been the case in relation to reagent.

“While the public has played its part, increasingly it is being seen that the Government has not delivered on its side of the deal. I believe this is leading to a loss of confidence and growing frustration among many people. The authorities need to level with the people, explain clearly what is happening, including the problems, and provide straight answers to questions.

“Unfortunately, there has been obfuscation and spin about the entire test and trace strategy and regrettably, after several weeks of lockdown and sacrifice, the failure to implement the strategy will mean the lifting of the restrictions will be delayed further.

“Our recovery is entirely dependent on our ability to test and trace this virus, and unless we have a transparent, robust strategy as originally proposed, it will take longer for restrictions to be lifted.”


30th April 2020


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