Social Democrats co-leader Catherine Murphy has described yesterday’s High Court ruling on employment rights as deeply disturbing and says it leaves many lower paid workers vulnerable and opens up the possibility for previously hard fought for pay and conditions achieved through collective bargaining to be rescinded by some employers on foot of this ruling. Catherine Murphy said it must be an urgent priority of any new government to immediately pass legislation to protect workers rights and enshrine the right to collective bargaining in legislation and that if this is deemed not possible then a referendum on the issue must be held.

 Catherine Murphy TD said:

“The legislation which has been set aside by yesterday’s ruling had been a key tool in setting pay and conditions for workers and that tool has now been removed.  Workers rights and appropriate pay and conditions including things such as sick pay, annual leave and a guarantee of minimum working hours has been a long-fought battle and the ruling yesterday is a huge set-back to those who have spent decades trying to secure safe and secure conditions for workers.

“It is imperative that legislation be passed urgently to rectify the situation and such legislation must enshrine the right to collective bargaining for all workers in all workplaces. If we are told that such legislation is unconstitutional then it will be necessary to hold a referendum to change that and the Social Democrats will be fully supportive of such a referendum if required.”

24th June 2020

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