The Social Democrats are calling for tomorrow’s vote on CETA (Comprehensive European Trade Agreement) to be postponed.

Social Democrats co-leader Catherine Murphy said:

“We have huge concerns about CETA, particularly around the Investor-State Dispute Settlement, or ISDS. This effectively lays out a platform for corporations to sue national governments for creating policies that might negatively affect the corporation’s ability to make a profit.

“It is worrying CETA does not prioritise concerns relating to the protection of the environment and health and that it is not possible to entirely exclude the risk of undermining the EU regulatory framework concerning workers’ rights, food, animal health and welfare, plant protection and living intellectual property.

“It is hugely concerning for us that the deal should be proposed now, with so little time for scrutiny. It is extraordinary that the Government would try to slip this through in the run up to Christmas before any real level of debate can take place.

“We will be calling for the vote to be postponed at the Order of Business tomorrow, and we are asking for others to support us in this call.”

December 14, 2020

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