Acknowledging the Government’s decision, following calls from the Social Democrats and other opposition parties, to recall the Dáil early, Catherine Murphy TD, co-leader of the Social Democrats calls their decision inadequate and calls for the Dáil to come back this week.

“There’s too much at stake for the Government to be waiting around. Public confidence in the capacity of the Government to lead us through these next critical stages of the Covid-19 pandemic is totally shook. At a time when we badly need solid, clear and cogent leadership and communication, we’ve all been badly let down.

“It has been a tumultuous week for Irish people and for politics. The Government have to restore confidence, renew public trust and clear up confusion. Waiting for another week won’t work. The Dáil should be back this week both to hold the government to account and to build a collective effort to develop a coherent strategy to get the country through this critical stage of the pandemic.

“Schools will start opening this week; students are very anxiously awaiting exam results; businesses in lockdown in Kildare are in crisis; other businesses are trying to rebuild. Getting through these complex issues needs good leadership, significant resources and information, transparency and honesty around decisions.

“The Dáil is the place where this needs to happen and it should be recalled immediately.

23rd August 2020

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