Arts & Culture

Arts and Culture

Every person in Ireland has a right to participate in arts and culture in their everyday life.

The Social Democrats believe that arts and culture underpin our overall wellbeing and creativity, our innovation, and our social cohesion.

Ireland has a very diverse artistic and creative ecosystem, which delivers huge cultural and economic value both nationally and internationally.

Our Arts & Culture Priorities

  • Developing a roadmap for progressive increases in total arts funding to bring it in line with average EU spending over 5 years.
  • Introducing a Culture and Media Card, worth €200, to encourage 18–24-year-olds to engage with cultural activities.
  • Establishing special commercial rates for creative/arts spaces and “rates holidays” for new projects.
  • Introducing multi-annual funding for essential arts organisations to allow for long-term planning decisions.
  • Supporting the establishment of Night Mayors in each of our major cities, and revitalising our night-time cultural economy by legislating for later opening hours for venues and bars.

You can read more about our policies and plans in our Arts & Culture policy document, linked below.

Arts & Culture

Arts and Culture at the Heart of Irish Life

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