Clean Air

Clean Air

Air pollution is caused by the contamination of air by particles, vapors and gases that are harmful to public health and the climate.

The World Health Organisation has highlighted air pollution as a major threat to all people. To ensure good air quality, strong government action must be taken to protect our environment and the quality of the air we breath every day.

Our Clean Air Priorities

  • Strive for Ireland to have the cleanest air in the world by 2035.
  • Introduce of ‘Clean Air Zones’ in urban areas to improve air quality.
  • Increase the sentences and fines for environmental polluters.
  • Expand the National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Network and introduce low-cost monitors in towns.
  • Increase investment in electric vehicles, the EV charging point network, and public transport.

Find Out More

You can read more about our policies and plans in our Clean Air policy document, linked below.

Clean Air

'For a Cleaner Healthier Ireland'

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