Climate and Nature

Climate and Nature

We have just seven years to stop the worst impacts of the climate crisis – seven years to do everything we can to avoid an irreversible climate catastrophe.

The challenge is immense – and the government’s climate action plan doesn’t come close to meeting it. Even if every measure in the plan is implemented, our emissions will only go down by 29% by 2030 – nowhere near the 51% target.

The Case for Climate Action

If we, as a country, commit to taking climate action, it will be transformative. It will lead to new employment opportunities; warmer homes; cleaner air and water; more sustainable farming practices; more liveable towns and cities; and a better quality of life – for everyone.

We must listen to the science – and make the large-scale structural changes that are now required to stop a climate disaster. We need to be ambitious, creative and decisive.

And at the core of any climate policy, must be climate justice – the assurance that those least able to afford the transition to a zero carbon economy will not bear the heaviest burden. This commitment has to be more than hollow words – it must be enshrined in law.

Our Climate and Nature Priorities

  • Create a €5 billion climate transformation fund – to set up a new semi-state company to invest in renewables like off-shore wind
  • Establish a €1.5 billion fair transition fund for farmers and rural communities
  • Oversee the roll-out of solar panels on 100,000 homes per year, to lower energy bills and make the country more energy secure
  • Invest in public transport, particularly local link services for our towns and villages
  • Expand our national parks and resource them to protect nature and biodiversity

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You can read more about our policies and plans in our Climate policy document, linked below.

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