Ireland is far behind much of Europe in terms of cycling infrastructure and approach. The Social Democrats recognise that cycling is a major transport area that can contribute hugely to society. Whilst there has been a recent Government effort to improve active travel infrastructure, progress has been slow and has not been sufficiently ambitious.

The benefits of cycling are enormous. And everyone, cyclist or not, gains. With more cycling, we get:

  • Less pollution and less congestion.
  • Healthier lifestyles and a more active population.
  • Better mobility and quicker commuting times.
  • Safer streets and more liveable neighbourhoods.
  • The possibility of 15 Minute Cities and Communities that residents want to stay and spend time in.

Cycling saves time, saves money, and saves lives.

Our Cycling Priorities

  • Increased funding for cycling to make it safer and to improve existing infrastructure
  • Promotion of cycling as the optimum mode of transport for children travelling to school
  • Improved access to the Bike to Work scheme
  • An expansion of Cycling Greenways across the country

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You can read more about our policies and plans in our Cycling policy document, linked below.

Safer Cycling

For Healthier, Greener Communities

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