Supporting Families

Supporting Families

Parenting is the most important job that any of us will ever do.

Yet, in Ireland, we do too little to support parents. Despite improvements in recent years, we are still well behind other countries in terms of paid leave for parents, investment in childcare and early years education, supports for new parents, and basic public services for children.

We want a New Deal for Families.

This New Deal would put parents and children at the heart of Government policies. It will support parents by allowing them more time with their children, more help with the cost of raising a family, and more peace of mind over their children’s future.

Our Priorities for Supporting Families

  • Improving paid leave arrangements for parents
  • Introducing a right to flexible work options
  • Increased investment in Childcare and Early Years Education
  • Public services that parents can count on in areas like Education and Health
  • Ending Child Poverty

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You can read more about our policies and plans in our New Deal for Families policy document, linked below.

A New Deal for Families

Getting it right for children, for parents

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