Meet Aidan

I’m Aidan Browne, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Castlebar.

As a former carer, I experienced first-hand how important access to local medical services are. Whether you have an elderly family member, or school-aged children who are getting sick for the first time, your ability to see a doctor in a reasonable time is extremely important, and I will fight to ensure you have that.

As someone in my 30s, I empathise with my generation’s urgent need for housing and childcare services. If I was lucky enough to be your councillor, I would aggressively press the council to build more housing, and to include affordable and social housing as part of that drive.

I hold a 4-year degree in Politics & International Relations from the University of Limerick. I believe that qualification would allow me to hit the ground running if I were to make it onto the council.

The Social Democrats are the party fighting for the needs of young people and young families, joining up with them was not a difficult choice. I wanted to be with people who are looking towards the future, not the past.

Aidan’s Priorities

  • Prioritise the delivery of social and affordable homes.
  • Defend your access to local healthcare services.
  • Fight vacancies and dereliction.
  • Prioritise affordable public transport.
  • Push for better urban design and community spaces in our villages and towns.

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