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I’m Donnah Vuma, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Limerick City East.

A decade ago I arrived in Limerick as a migrant, seeking a home and today I am proud to calls this vibrant and diverse community home. Living in Annacotty, I’ve experienced the warmth and support of this community, and I’m eager to give back. As a mother of four beautiful children, I understand the aspirations and challenges that families in our community face.

I work as the Migrant Victims of Crime Project Coordinator at Doras, an organisation that promotes and protects the rights of refugees and migrants in Ireland. My work as the Coordinator for a victims of crime support project has equipped me with valuable insights, and I am committed to addressing key issues such as community well-being and safety.

I am honoured to represent the Social Democrats in Limerick City East. Together with an enthusiastic and energetic team, we aim to bring a fresh and progressive approach to politics in Limerick City.

Donnah’s Priorities

  • Ensure the provision of community centres/spaces such as libraries and gyms – as well as a Garda – which are essential for community cohesion and safety.
  • We need adequate childcare facilities for working parents and families in our community. It is not only a matter of convenience but also a fundamental element of social equity.
  • Given the massive expansion of university numbers I want to see greater affordable and accessible housing options and improved public transport to meet the needs of our growing community, this includes a park and ride scheme.
  • I want to ensure that our community is safe and that all residents, regardless of their background, are protected is a top priority.

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