Meet Ellen

I’m Ellen Murphy, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Ongar.

I am from Clonsilla and have lived here most of my life.

I am deeply passionate about representing the people of our area and love the communities I hope to represent.

I am part of a generation of people who are locked out of buying or renting a home here in Dublin 15.

I want to work hard to make our communities more affordable for everyone.

I believe that when we invest in afforable local housing, healthcare, transport and the arts we are laying the building blocks for communities to flourish. We need voices from a variety of expereince at our council meetings to do that. I am part of the locked out generation who have little hope of home ownership. I want to work to change that in my area of Dublin 15.

Ellen’s Priorities

  • Delivery of affordable housing in the area.
  • Investment in green spaces for everyone, such as more playgrounds and parks which are accessible to all.
  • Putting biodiversity and nature protection at the heart of local development plans.
  • Improvement in road and public transport networks from bus shelters to footpaths to cycle lanes.
  • Expansion of community services such as mobile health and library units across the county.

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