Meet Karen

I’m Karen Hinkson-Deeney, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Pembroke.

I am a mother of three and myself and my husband are raising our family here in Donnybrook. I am also a student, having returned to education to study law at University College Dublin.

I have been involved in the local community through everything from coaching youth soccer to campaigning for an Irish-language secondary school, or Gaelcholáiste, to serve the children and families of Dublin 2, 4, 6 and 8.  
Dublin has become increasingly difficult to be a long-term resident in. Encountering challenges to raising a family here and saying goodbye to countless friends through emigration has led me to where I am today.
I want to live in a vibrant city that celebrates inclusivity and is both fair and ambitious when tackling climate change. With political will, this can be a reality in our capital. It can be a city in which people work, learn, play and travel, in a way that works for us all.

We need an end to the blocking of community formation and enjoyment in Dublin and we need a capital that looks after everyone who calls it home. The dignity of the person and how they interact with the city should be central to local government planning and decision-making.

Karen’s Priorities

  • Affordable housing, sensible planning for sustainable communities and appropriate use of public land.
  • Provision of safe and accessible amenities for all ages and affordable childcare.
  • Artist spaces and an end to the haemorrhaging of cultural venues in our city.
  • Active travel infrastructure as well as improved public transport.
  • Biodiversity and green spaces.

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