Meet Luke

I’m Luke Daly, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Castleknock.

I’m running for election because I love our area and want to make it a better place to live for all.

I’ve been living in the local area for the past decade. I worked as the local Student Union’s Campus President and fought for our community’s educational rights for three years. I promise to continue to do everything I can as a local resident.

I’ve devoted my career thus far to the education sector. Ensuring that at-risk young people are supported through education and helped navigate it.

I believe that Fingal County Council could be doing so much more, particularly in the areas of housing, local services and amenities.

I am passionate, hard-working and incredibly dedicated to our communities. I would be honoured if you gave me the chance to fight for you and your family.

There are local authorities across this country not spending their housing budgets in local Councils. If elected, I will fight tooth and nail to ensure that every single cent is spent providing housing for you. Let’s fight to end this crisis together.

Luke’s Priorities

  • Prioritise the delivery of affordable social homes.
  • Push for a safer community through better roads and cycling infrastructure.
  • Fight for greater development of parks, libraries, community centres and public transport routes.
  • Prioritise facilities and services for the elderly, students, people with disabilities and parents.
  • Be your voice on local Council and prioritise local needs.

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