Meet Mistura

I’m Mistura Oyebanji, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Tralee.

I bring a rich blend of Irish-Nigerian culture and a background in customer service. Dedicated to community service, I’ve actively volunteered and advocated for social change. With a degree from University College Cork, I aim to tackle housing and urban renewal challenges for a progressive Tralee.

Your vote for me supports an inclusive, multicultural approach for a better future.

If you have any issues affecting your area, please do get in touch with me through social media, phone, email or WhatsApp. I look forward to hearing from you and
working towards a brighter Tralee for everyone.

I joined the Social Democrats to stop wishing for change and start making it. Let’s rethink the social contract and vote for a more inclusive society.

Mistura’s Priorities

  • Affordable housing in Tralee.
  • Connecting communities for a truly inclusive, multicultural and brighter Tralee.
  • Urban Renewal, by investing in our public services, schools and amenities, including our local court and future public spaces.
  • Reducing dereliction: Let’s make dereliction the exception not the status quo in our community.
  • Advocating for better transport links for our local and inter-town routes.

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089 255 3805

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