Meet Paul

I’m Paul Nolan, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Ashbourne.

I truly believe our town has been left behind over the past number of years on a vast array of issues which we need to address to make it a more thriving and enjoyable community to live and work in.

I have been a resident here for the past 22 years. I know the Council should be doing so much more, especially when it comes to providing affordable housing and investing in community spaces. Fighting for the development of a public park is one of our major priorities for the area.

It would be a privilege to represent the people of Ashbourne on Meath County Council.

The housing crisis is the number one issue in this country. If we want things to change we need to vote for it. Councils must play a stronger role in ending the crisis in affordability and the scandal of family homelessness. Councils must also plan for all of the infrastructure that should go with new housing developments.

Paul’s Priorities

  • Call for increased funding for public amenities and community spaces like green spaces – a public park is my top priority.
  • Fight for the delivery of social and affordable housing across Meath East.
  • Advocate for an improved public transport system.

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