Meet Sinéad Ellen

I’m Sinéad Ellen Griffin, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Waterford City South.

I am running for election because, after returning to Waterford five years ago, having previously lived in Dublin for almost ten years, I have been unable to find any rental accommodation that has been financially viable for me.

This has meant that in my early to mid-thirties, I have had to return to living in my childhood bedroom. I have had to place many of my personal goals on hold due to the current housing crisis, and I sympathise with those in similar situations.

I am just one of the ever growing ‘Generation Locked Out’, finding refuge in our family home. I believe that this is not a situation we need to find ourselves in. As a country, we have the ability to provide for all.

Over the past many years of our current sitting Government, we have witnessed a sharp decline in the number of people able to afford or access quality housing. It is my objective to shed light on this ever-expanding issue and fight for reform.

Sinéad Ellen’s Priorities

  • Pledge for affordable housing for all.
  • Fight hard to ensure that suitable mental health services and facilities are available to all, regardless of income.
  • Aim to integrate climate change policies to ensure a viable and secure future for Waterford.
  • Demand better Garda presence in our city that seeks to deal with visible anti-social behaviour.

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