Biodiversity loss is one of the biggest challenges that Ireland faces. This is not a crisis that has just come upon us, but has been years in the making. For far too long, we have relied on the false narrative that Ireland as a green country, is also an environmentally friendly one.

We must meet this challenge head on. The outcomes of not doing so will be quite catastrophic. But all is not lost. Nature, our environment and our wildlife are robust, as long as they are given the time and support to recover.

Our Biodiversity Priorities

  • Significant state funding for the conservation of endangered and vulnerable native species.
  • Incentives for the planting of native trees on private land
  • A doubling of the area of protected nature reserve by 2040
  • Establishing a Wildlife Crime Unit within An Garda Siochána

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You can read more about our policies and plans in our Biodiversity policy document, linked below.

Biodiversity Policy

Protecting our Fauna and Natural Habitat

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